About Me

Aloha! I’m someone who enjoys backpacking/hiking with friends and loved ones, and decided to start blogging about my experiences thinking it might help others get outside, especially women. There is nothing quite like doing a backpack trip with girlfriends – an adventure you will not forget!


A few years ago, I had a friend tell me that backpacking was on her bucket list and I replied “let’s make that happen“. Now we have on official Girl Tribe that ventures out on at least 1 two night backpack adventure every summer. Through social media and story telling, we have more that would like to join and others that wish they had a Girl Tribe to backpack with – so why not share the in’s and out’s of how to make this a reality for all woman – no experience required!


At the end of day, I’m hoping to inspire woman to take the lead on recruiting their besties (Girl Tribe) to join them on a backpack trip that they organize and plan for them. It doesn’t mean you have to be an expert OR super fit – you can tailor the distance, elevation and duration to your tribes comfort level.


Through blogging, I will share stories and provide helpful tips and suggestions as you prepare for your adventure! Although what I share will be applicable for anyone, because I am now over 50 (still hard to believe and admit that), I will have inside information for those of us in this bracket and how best to care for our aging, yet youthful, bodies.


One more thing you may be wondering – Why Aloha? I lived in Hawaii after college when the free email, Hotmail, came out. I immediately snagged alohainky without giving it too much thought. But after reflecting on it, I couldn’t have picked a better address/name for these reasons;

  1. The word is found in all Polynesian languages and always with the same basic meaning of: love, compassion, sympathy and kindness.
  2. Around the islands, Aloha means hello. It also means goodbye. Aloha is also a moral code, an expression of love and a connection to nature.
  3. This is where I really gained a great appreciation for being outside in nature and hiking.

Take Away: Everyone could benefit from a little more aloha in their lives.

Aloha, Inky

(yes, Inky is my name and I might share that story another time…)